Rules Artists On Air 2023



This competition is for SINGERS and VOCAL GROUPS of any age between 9 and 99 years old
For Vocal Groups age, it will correspond to the mean age of all their members.

Each participant can present up to 3 songs in each song submission in any style (original songs or national or international hits or other kind of songs: pop, rock, latin music, blues, soul, disco, dance, christmas, folk, jazz, classical, world, ballads).

VERY IMPORTANT: By submitting 3 songs you will automatically be registered for the ALFA AWARDS 2024 at no additional cost.

The International Jury will only value the performance of the singer, not the song as composition. 

Preferably, the submitted songs should not exceed 4 minutes, although longer songs are allowed.

Allowed formats: VIDEO (HORIZONTAL) of:

  • VIDEO CLIPS Homemade or professional filming
  • STUDIO RECORDINGS Homemade or professional Filming   Full Playback allowed (With the voice of the participant prerecorded) or Live
  • PERFORMANCES IN TV SHOWS, CONCERTS OR FESTIVALS  Full Playback allowed (With the voice of the participant prerecorded) or Live
  • VIDEO – PHOTO  Video created only with photo or photo carousel and audio of the singer’s performance.

The filming of the performances must be HORIZONTAL and with enough quality (audio and video) for its online broadcast for the international jury and for the audience.

By participating in the contest and signing the registration form, the participants authorize the festival organization to use the songs presented, their names, the recording of their performances, as well as their pictures for promotion and dissemination of the contest. They also take responsibility for the origin of the music bases used (playbacks) and releasing the organizers from any claim about it. Participants also accept the Privacy and Data Protection Policy of the festival

All artists under 18 y.o. must have the acceptance and authorization of their father, mother or guardian in the entry form.

GROUPS: The entry form must be completed by the representative or leader of the group, accepting, on behalf of all the components, the regulations of the festival and the privacy policy. The representative is also responsible for and authorizes the participation of minors, if there are any in the group, confirming by accepting these regulations that he/she has the proper authorization of the parents or legal guardians of the underage participants.

Detailed list of Global Awards (for participants in the 4 contests), as well as the specific ones for this festival, HERE 


The members of the International Jury are prestigious music professionals. Their votes will be unappealable.


1 Song: 40 euros
2 Songs: 60 euros
3 Songs: 70 euros (It includes free participation in the ALFA AWARDS 2024)

Payment by Paypal to:

Payment by Bank transfer:

Orfeum Organización de Festivales Europeos de Música
Address: Méndez Núñez, 90 – Edificio Miami – 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
IBAN: ES4721006651122200580588
Costs of the bank transfer will be paid by the sender. Please ask our team before making the transfer: 


The contest rules may be changed if the development or production of the festival so requires.

The registration of the participation will not be completed until all the required information and materials have been sent and the payment of the registration fee has been made.
The amount of the registration fee is non-refundable.

The Organizing Committee, September, 2023.
ORFEUM – European Music Festivals Organization ©



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