UNIVERSONG 2022 – 21th Anniversary – ONLINE EDITION


The Canary Islands International Song Festival

2001 / 2022 – 21 years discovering international artists.

First ONLINE International Music Festival in Europe  – Since 2001

ORFEUM European Music Festivals Organization (member of ALFA – Alliance of Festivals Associations),
invites adult and junior singers from all over the world to participate in Festival UNIVERSONG 2022 – 21th Anniversary.



This was the Final Gala – UNIVERSONG 2021 – 20th Anniversary – from TENERIFE on FESTVSION 

The Gala featured a summary of the performances of all the awarded artists and, also, guest artists.
Due to the broadcast time and the fluidity of the event, only the first 4 prizes in each category were announced at the Gala.
The full performances of all the award-winning artists and all the awards can be viewed on this website

UNIVERSONG – The Canary Islands International Song Festival is an international competition for singers songwriters and composers
held from the Canary Islands for over the World. Artists from 62 countries have participated during the 20 past editions.

The aims of this international music competition are to promote and stimulate artistic creativity, discover new singers around the world, promote their talent and stimulate the development of their music careers, creating also the appropriated atmosphere of friendship among countries, nationalities and cultures, giving the possibility to young and adults singers to share several days full of music and cultural, touristic and educational activities. During four days Tenerife is each year an important International Meeting Point for Music and for all the participants, jury members, guest artists, media representatives and members of all the delegations.

The Festival  has been awarded with this important prize: “Friendly Prize for Tourism and Civic Coexistence”
and also  “Peace Award”, “Brotherhood among the countries Award” and “Golden Mermaid” (Festival de Benidorm)

The festival is organized by Orfeum Organization of European Music Festivals and it is part of ALFA Alliance of Festivals Associations.
Orfeum – Organization of European Music Festivals administers and manages the production of several festivals and musical events in the Canary Islands for the participation of artists from around the world, also organizing and managing the participation of large numbers of singers from the Canary Islands, abroad. The union of the people through music and culture is the basis of the work of ORFEUM , fostering cultural exchange and friendship among countries around the world.


Orfeum is a non-profit organization. Your collaboration is very important to enable all the music contests and festivals, international programming, educational and cultural activities and other international musical projects that Orfeum organizes every year. Through the following link you can access the store with Orfeum’s Official Merchandising products. Thank you.


Hermanamiento de los pueblos a través de la Música y la Cultura

Intercambio Cultural entre Países

Promoción e internacionalización de la producción y creación Musical