• Carolina Soto

    Award: Grand Prix

    Song: Agonía

    Author / Composer: Cristobal Aedo

    Country: Chile

  • Glorianne Arpa Belli

    Award: Golden Trophy

    Song: Love Was Made Of Clay

    Author / Composer: Renato Briffa

    Country: Malta

  • Romina Mamo

    Award: Silver Trophy

    Song: The Final Kiss

    Author / Composer: Clinton Paul

    Country: Malta

  • Rita Ribeiro

    Award: Bronze Trophy

    Song: Só para ti

    Author / Composer: Rui Vasconcelos

    Country: Portugal

  • Andrei Ciobanu

    Award: Wafa Trophy

    Song: Doar Pentru Ea

    Author / Composer: V.Gavrila/L.Stefan

    Country: Romania

  • Giuliana Di Liberto

    Award: Don’t Worry Records Award

    Song: Ovunque Sia

    Author / Composer: Ignazio Di Liberto

    Country: Italy

  • Lavinia Steriopol

    Award: International Artist

    Song: Sigue

    Author / Composer: Lavinia Steriopol

    Country: Romania

  • Charlie Karlsen

    Award: Voice of the Atlantic

    Song: If I Can’t Feel This Love

    Author / Composer: Aaron Cormack

    Country: United Kingdom

  • Joana Recharte

    Award: Discovery Artist

    Song: Viver

    Author / Composer: Joana Recharte

    Country: Madeira (Portugal)

  • Mihails Andrejevs

    Award: Best Stage Performance

    Song: Don’t Bend The Knee

    Author / Composer: Arturs Palkevies

    Country: Latvia

  • Petar Ivanov

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: Breathlessly

    Author / Composer: E. Vlaev/K. Terzieva

    Country: Bulgaria

  • Cemil

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: Love Is A Lonely Road

    Author / Composer: Mine Mucur

    Country: Turkey

  • Kalina Marchewka

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: There Is A War Between Us

    Author / Composer: Jerzy Jaroslaw

    Country: Poland

  • Goico

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: Señales de Amor

    Author / Composer: M. A. Goicoechea

    Country: Spain

  • Iris

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: Despertar

    Author / Composer: Jesús Arteaga

    Country: Canarias (España)

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