• Viviana Ullo

    Award: Grand Prix

    Song: Ricordarmi Di Amare Te

    Author / Composer: A. Fontana/ M.Fontana

    Country: Italy

  • Geniris

    Award: Golden Trophy

    Song: Ya no soy para ti

    Author / Composer: Blas Carrasco

    Country: República Dominicana

  • Malgorzata Glowka

    Award: Silver Trophy

    Song: Hit

    Author / Composer: Katarzyna Szczot

    Country: Poland

  • Alexander Prosek

    Award: Silver Trophy

    Song: Night Time Patrol

    Author / Composer: Alexander Prosek

    Country: Germany

  • Neville

    Award: International Artist

    Song: One Day

    Author / Composer: M.Spiteri & R. Pace

    Country: malta

  • William Luque

    Award: Voice of the Atlantic

    Song: Invencible

    Author / Composer: W. Luque / D. Sanchez

    Country: Venezuela

  • Alex Rushin

    Award: Best Stage Performance

    Song: Closer To The Stars

    Author / Composer: Alex Rushin

    Country: Russia

  • Bianca Purcarea

    Award: Discovery Artist / Best Young Talent

    Song: Cinemai Suspina Pentru Tine

    Author / Composer: V. Gavrila/R. Popescu

    Country: Romania

  • Ruta Rekertaite

    Award: Best Stage Presence

    Song: Pasivaiksciojimas

    Author / Composer: L./ V. / A.

    Country: Lithuania

  • Lily Vásquez

    Award: Best Voice

    Song: Pasión de Mujer

    Author / Composer: L. Vásquez/ D. Flore

    Country: U.S.A

  • Filipe Abreu

    Award: Best Arrangement

    Song: Tessitura da Alma

    Author / Composer: J.Gonçalves/R. Freitas

    Country: Portugal

  • Manu Baen

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: Mar Pequeño

    Author / Composer: Manuel Baena

    Country: Spain

  • Sil Yanku

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: Pump It Up

    Author / Composer: Silviu Cornel Iancu

    Country: Switzerland

  • Ronia Márques

    Award: Artistic Recognition

    Song: Coragem

    Author / Composer: Ronia Márques

    Country: Brazil

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